Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students and Senior Lecturer at Diaspora Yeshiva, is not only a popular speaker and teacher, but also a dynamic thinker and writer. A student of Harav Yaakov Kamenetsky and Harav Gedalia Schorr, Rabbi Sprecher was granted smicha (rabbinical ordination) by Torah Vodaath Yeshiva. Prior to his current position, Rabbi Sprecher was a professor of Judaic studies at Touro College in New York. In addition to his duties at Diaspora Yeshiva, Rabbi Sprecher writes a regular column on various Judaic topics in the Jewish Press, and lectures regularly at the OU Israel Center in Jerusalem.
Title File Published
Yom Kippur's Dance and Dating Game watch September 8, 2013
The Importance Of A Smile listen March 27, 2013
Halachic Status Of A Ger listen March 25, 2013
Ruth's Field of Dreams watch May 18, 2013
Why is Jerusalem not mentioned in the Torah? listen May 5, 2013
Is it okay to be angry with G'd? listen April 7, 2013
Egyptian slavery basic training for sovereignty listen March 17, 2013
Was Haman good for the Jews? listen February 17, 2013
Rambam's view on the Church and Islam listen February 10, 2013
Cherubs of Gan Eden: Heavenly Angels or Hell's Angels listen October 14, 2012
Rosh Hashana's three books: Which one am I? listen September 9, 2012
How to receive an acquittal on Rosh Hashana even without tshuva listen August 26, 2012
The month of Elul listen August 19, 2012
Reciting Shema re-creates the Sinai experience listen August 12, 2012
TU B'Av: A Holiday As Great As Yom Kippur listen August 5, 2012
Will your brothers go to war while you sit here? listen July 22, 2012
How to tear down the Heavenly Iron Curtain listen July 8, 2012
The Nazir: A Holy Sinner listen June 3, 2012
Dry Bones listen April 1, 2012
King David's reaction to the death of Absalom listen January 18, 2012
Vayechi: Jacob's Sons listen January 2, 2012
Hilchot Chanukah listen December 15, 2011
Why Is Chanukah The Most Precious Mitzwe? listen December 14, 2011
Vayeishev: Yaacovs Daughters listen December 12, 2011
Vayishlach: Yaacov And The YetzerHara listen December 7, 2011
Chaya Sara listen November 16, 2011
Laws Of Slaughtering listen November 15, 2011
Why is a seance forbidden? listen November 9, 2011
Vayeira: Who were the three guests? listen November 7, 2011
Go in peace or Go to peace listen November 2, 2011
Why was Avraham punished? listen November 1, 2011
Noah & Megillah listen October 29, 2011
Who is Achatriel? listen October 26, 2011
Parasha Bereshit - Noah listen October 25, 2011
Angel changing of guard on Temple Mount listen November 16, 2010
Sara's tent: Mini Mishkan or Heaven on Earth listen November 16, 2010
Revival of the dry bones: Reality of Parable for our time listen November 16, 2010
Why did Hashem put Avraham through the agony of the Akeidah listen November 8, 2010
Was Abraham rude in putting Hashem on hold in accomodating his guests? listen November 8, 2010
Singing in the rain listen November 8, 2010
How to overcome the fear of death listen October 17, 2010
The goal of Elul listen August 27, 2010
Why Women Don't need a Minian listen June 14, 2010
Shemot 9:27 listen January 17, 2010
Rosh Chodesh listen January 17, 2010
Moses, Aaron and Miriam listen January 14, 2010
Did Dinosaurs Exist in Gan Eden? listen October 11, 2009
The free will of angels listen June 14, 2009
Mini Yom Kippur listen June 14, 2009
Gilgul listen June 14, 2009
Swineflew according to the talmud listen June 14, 2009
Cavemen during the days of Adam listen June 14, 2009
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