Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students and Senior Lecturer at Diaspora Yeshiva, is not only a popular speaker and teacher, but also a dynamic thinker and writer. A student of Harav Yaakov Kamenetsky and Harav Gedalia Schorr, Rabbi Sprecher was granted smicha (rabbinical ordination) by Torah Vodaath Yeshiva. Prior to his current position, Rabbi Sprecher was a professor of Judaic studies at Touro College in New York. In addition to his duties at Diaspora Yeshiva, Rabbi Sprecher writes a regular column on various Judaic topics in the Jewish Press, and lectures regularly at the OU Israel Center in Jerusalem.
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 Rosh Hashanah's Mysterious Cover-Up  .: Viewed: 2829 times :.
Why is it that we Jews celebrate the New Year at the beginning of the seventh month? Jewish tradition actually recognizes four New Year days (Mishnah Rosh Hashanah 1:1), but only the first of Tishrei, the one we know as Rosh Hashanah, is a major holiday.   The mystery only increases when we remember that the Torah specifically identifies the month of Nisan, the month in which Passover falls,...
Published: September 20, 2006
 Rosh Chodesh: The Gift Of Renewal  .: Viewed: 2511 times :.
The Zohar, in explaining the importance of the new moon and our celebration of its renewal each month, states: "The Jewish nation is compared to the moon. Just as the moon wanes and seems to disappear into darkness only to be reborn, so too the Jewish people often appear to be overwhelmed by the forces of darkness, only to reemerge as a nation reborn." The main religious teaching of Rosh...
Published: March 1, 2006
 The Menorah's Eternal Message  .: Viewed: 2641 times :.
What is the Chanukak menorah's message for us in our personal lives? The Mishna (Avot Ch. 4) teaches, "There are three crowns: The crown of Torah, the crown of kehuna (priesthood) and the crown of monarchy." Corresponding to these three, with which Israel were crowned, there were three crowns on the Temple vessels. The crown of Torah corresponds to the gold crown, which was set on the Ark of...
Published: December 21, 2005
 The Kabbalistic Secret Of Sefiras Ha-Omer  .: Viewed: 2661 times :.
When did Judaism begin? The beginning was in two stages: A) the Exodus from Egypt - 'Yetzias Mitzraim', for which we celebrate Pesach; followed 50 days later by B) the Giving of the Torah - Matan Torah (Revelation at Sinai), for which we celebrate 'Shevuos'; together forming the foundation and establishment of the Jewish people as a nation (see Ex. 19:56; Deut. 26:16-19). This was best...
Published: May 11, 2005
 Israel's Eternal Survival  .: Viewed: 2685 times :.
Since Abraham was being thrown into the fiery furnace, the attempts to exterminate the Jewish People have never ceased. In every generation, they rose up against us to destroy us. Their plot was never carried out, however, because G-d saved us from their hands. Yet it was not just external enemies who rose up against Israel. Our survival is threatened by self destructive Jews, as well, as it...
Published: December 22, 2004
 Our Mystical Connection To Eretz Yisrael  .: Viewed: 4419 times :.
The Jewish people's connection with its land cannot be compared to that of other peoples' with theirs. No other people has a prior title deed or promise regarding their country. Theirs is a purely earthly link, one characterized by neither spiritual nor sacred ties. Their relationship to their homeland is governed by the fact that their ancestors happened to settle there. Whenever a people or...
Published: August 4, 2004
 Kabbalistic Secrets Of The Korban Pesach  .: Viewed: 2502 times :.
In several places, our Sages view the Korban Pesach (Paschal sacrifice) as serving to break the ties of idolatry. We read in Shemos Rabbah (16): "We find that when the Jewish people were in Egypt, they worshiped idols, as it is written (Ezekiel 20:8), "They did not cast away the abominations of their eyes." Hashem told Moshe, "As long as the Jewish people worship the gods of Egypt, they shall...
Published: May 9, 2003
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