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Tisha'a B'Av-Did G-D Divorce Us
Published: Wednesday, August 10, 2016 07:12:18 PM
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After the Ten Tribes had been exiled by Sancherev, Yishayahu speaks to the remaining tribes of Yehuda, Binyamin and Levi who remained in Eretz Yisrael. "Where is your mother's Bill of Divorce? I sent her away? INDEED! Because of your rebelliousness you were sent away!" (Yishayahu 50). The Prophet says that G-D will never divorce us.

However, the Radak brings the words of Yirmiyahu who quotes G-D, "I sent her away! I GAVE HER A GET!" (Yirmiyahu 3). So did G-D divorce us or not? The Radak answers that Yirmiyahu is speaking about The Ten Tribes after their exile by Sancherev. There will not be Kings from these Tribes anymore when Mashiach comes. But Yishayahu is saying that the Kingdom Of Yehuda will never be given a Bill of Divorce and Malchut Beit David will return to Yehuda. Even though G-D has sent the Kingdom of Yehuda into exile, but He will NOT issue a GET. As the Prophet Yechezkel in Ch. 37 says, "David My servant will be a leader to all of them….there will not be two separate Kingdoms anymore when Mashiach comes."

G-D is waiting for us to return to Him. Just do Teshuva and come back to G-D. What's more, if we do Teshuva, this will create a spiritual revolution in the entire world, and will cause the Ten Tribes to also return. This is what G-D told Yechezkel Ch. 37, "Take a stick and write on it Yehuda and Benei Yisrael. Now, take another stick and write on it Yosef and all Benei Yisrael (the Ten Tribes). Now bring them close to be one stick, and they will be unified in your hand." Rashi there explains "I (G-D) will join the two sticks, symbolizing Yehuda and the Ten Tribes, and they will merge into one united people.

But didn't G-D give the Ten Tribes a Divorce? The Radak explains, "Yes, but the separation has already been very long, and when Mashiach comes, G-D will "remarry" the Ten Tribes when they will return with Shevet Yehuda."
Yishayahu in Ch. 49 declares, "Lift your eyes and see! All of them have gathered together. They have all come back to you, says G-D."
Please G-D, let us all see with our own eyes this marvelous and wondrous sight soon, in our days, AMEN!

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